Fugui Zhou , Chairman & CEO of Sany Renewale Energy

Seizing Opportunities and Facing Future Challenges

——2022 New Year Message

Dear colleagues and friends,

We are ushering in the Chinese Year of the Tiger. On this occasion of the New Year, on behalf of SANY Renewable Energy, I would like to extend sincere festive greetings to you! And I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to our colleagues who support the development of SANY Renewable Energy!

At present, we are in the "VUCA era", filled with both opportunities and challenges. Impacted by the latest global pandemic, the global economy will not recover in the short term. With the acceleration of technological advancements in the past century, China’s rise will have a profound impact on the world’s political and economic structures. Disruptive technologies will continue to emerge, and more and more traditional enterprises are being subverted. The adverse effects of climate change are increasingly apparent. At the same time, we are also at the intersection of two golden opportunities: one is the Chinese Dream, guided by General Secretary Xi Jinping’s thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era; the other is the window of "super technology” created by the fourth industrial revolution and the third energy revolution.

In this context, enterprise development must seize opportunities and face challenges. As a clean energy equipment enterprise, the development of SANY Renewable Energy is at the peak of the times. In the era of carbon neutrality, the transformation of global clean energy is accelerating, and clean energy such as wind power has ushered in unprecedented development opportunities. In 2021, SANY Renewable Energy experienced accelerated growth and is tracking towards becoming one of the top in the industry. This year, the business performance of SANY Renewable Energy continued to experience growth and the market share was further increased. In the past year, SANY Renewable Energy became the first "smart manufacturing benchmarking enterprise" in China’s wind power industry, leading the digital transformation of the entire industry. The technological research and development of SANY Renewable Energy over the past year has continued to innovate and make breakthroughs, and more new products were favored by the market. This year, the employees of SANY Renewable Energy expanded their territory with a more confident attitude. Here, we sincerely thank customers and suppliers for their support and trust in SANY Renewable Energy, as well as all employees of SANY Renewable Energy for their unremitting efforts!

The past is just a preface. Looking toward 2022, China’s wind power will continue to usher in prosperity and development, and SANY Renewable Energy will also usher in a milestone year of development. In the new year, we will adhere to the principle of being ambition oriented, providing a greater stage and incentives for talent and making SANY Renewable Energy a paradise for the striver. Our motto is "all for the customer", exceeding customer expectations and industry standards, winning customers with quality, and moving customers with service. Everything will be born of innovation. Innovation is the only way to become a large company, and it is also the primary driving force for the development of SANY Renewable Energy. Through the continuous innovation of technology, our products, and our business model, we can create better value for our customers.

Nothing is impossible if your heart is in it. In the new year, we hope our customers and suppliers can continue to support and trust in SANY Renewable Energy, and in return we offer increased sincerity. I hope that all employees of SANY Renewable Energy will guard against arrogance and rashness and continue to work hard to achieve the goal of becoming a worldwide brand and one of the best as quickly as we can. I also hope that more insightful people will join SANY Renewable Energy and jointly contribute to the global clean energy transformation and the national goal of two-stage carbon emission reduction.

It’s a new year and a new beginning. Let’s face the future together. I wish you all a happy family, a prosperous year, and a successful career! Happy New Year to everyone!