Technical Advantages

In recent years, Sany Renewable Energy has continued to increase its investment in technology research and development, and continued to introduce world-class technical talents, therefore its technical strength has been significantly improved.The technology is in the leading position in the industry in terms of high power and smart wind turbine, transformer assembled in the nacelle, smart operation and maintenance, and long blades.

Standards First  Sany Renewable Energy actively participates in the formulation of industry standards and jointly leads the high-quality development of China‘s wind power industry. By the end of year 2020, Sany Renewable Energy had obtained 370 patents, including 112 invention patents; and obtained 69 software copyrights.

R&D Strength

R&D is the core competitive advantage of Sany Renewable Energy. Sany Renewbale Energy has established the first supercomputer center in China‘s wind power industry, and has wind power R&D institutions in Beijing and Changsha, and established a European research institute in Spain. It brings together the world‘s top wind power experts, focuses on the cutting-edge technology of the industry, and builds global technology R&D system.

Sany Renewable Energy is able to integrate global R&D platform resources, use cross-border thinking, and establish multiple industry-first test platforms. Grasping the technological trend of “high, large, long, light and smart” , and pursuing product research and development goals with “high reliability, high power generation, and low LCOE” , Sany Renewable Energy has created a variety of industry-competitive wind turbine products. In addition, Sany Renewable Energy has got remarkable achievements in intelligent control of wind turbines, independent pitch, ultra-high towers, and wisdom wind farms.

  • High reliability
  • High power generation
  • Low cost of electricity