Sany Renewable Energy has more than 10 years of successful experience in the field of wind power investment and development, and can provide overall solutions for smart wind farm development.

As of March 2021, a total of nearly 2 million kilowatts have been approved for projects, and nearly one million kilowatts have been connected to the grid. The invested wind farms, industrial parks and other projects have created a large number of tax and employment opportunities for various places, promoted the development of the local new energy industry chain, and provided a strong impetus for the booming local economy.

The first smart ecological wind farm in China —— Shenxianling Wind Farm

Sany Renewable Energy has more than 10 years of successful experience in the field of wind power investment and development. Until March 2021,a total of nearly 2 million kilowatts of approved projects, and nearly 1 million kilowatts of grid-connected projects have been achieved. The invested wind farms, industrial parks and other projects have created a large number of tax income and em[1]ployment opportunities, promoted the development of the local renewable energy industry chain, and promoted the economic development vigorously.

While developing wind energy, Sany Renewable Energy has always adhered to the concept of win-win cooperation and harmonious development. Based on the development of local real economy, with the green, reasonable and efficient development of resources as the means, and with the improvement of people‘s livelihood as the goal, the company is actively committed to becoming the leading enterprise of new energy development in the industry.

Sany Renewable Energy is expertized in project planning, exploration, design, EPC, acceptance, wind farm operation and maintenance, investment and financing, and owns strong asset management team to manage wind farms intensively and delicately by means of digitization and model innovation, so as to ensure the excellent operation and excellent profitability of the project.

In recent years, Sany Renewable Energy‘s investment and development business has achieved good, rapid and stable development. By adjusting and optimizing the industrial layout, a series of development priorities such as industrial investment, joint development, mergers and acquisitions have been established. Sany Renewable Energy will continue to strengthen its investment in strategic areas, not only expanding investment in wind power, photovoltaics, energy storage, hydrogen energy and other fields, but also creating greater cooperation space for partners relying on the Group‘s world leading high-quality resources such as construction machinery, petroleum equipment, construction engineering and wisdom mining.

Smart wind farm

Green water and green mountains are golden and silver mountains

Sany Renewable Energy actively responds to the major national policies and strives to turn each wind farm into an ecologically smart wind farm with both economic and ecological benefits.Sany Renewable Energy has introduced advanced European control technology and development methods, integrated intelligent transmission chain technology, cloud visual transmission chain life monitoring technology, and integrated intelligent control, intelligent sensing, predictive control, digitalization and other cutting-edge technologies to create an industry leader Smart wind farm operation system.
The operation system of Sany Renewable Energy Smart Wind Farm is composed of three parts: digital interconnection, intelligent analysis and closed-loop optimization. As an extension of the cluster attributes of wind turbines, it is deeply integrated with the design of Sany Renewable Energy wind turbines. It uses intelligent control technology to increase power generation and increase Owner‘s benefit: Open up data islands through digitization, improve operation and maintenance efficiency, and reduce operation and maintenance costs.
Typical Case
The country’s first ecological smart wind farm⸺ Shenxianling Wind Farm in Ningxiang, Changsha City, Hunan Province
Sany Renewable Energy Ningxiang Shenxianling Wind Farm is located at the intersection of Yuelin Expressway and Changshaolou Expressway in Huaminglou Town and Daolin Town, Ningxiang City, Changsha City, Hunan Province, 40 kilometers away from Changsha City, with an average annual wind speed of 5.8-6 meters/ Second, it is a typical inland mountain low-wind speed wind farm, the first wind farm in Changsha, and the country‘s first ecological smart wind farm. The wind farm perfectly combines wind farm construction with ecological and environmental protection, sightseeing and tourism, etc. It is known as the "most beautiful wind farm" and has become a scenic spot for Internet celebrities.

Both benefit and ecology, development and nature are synergistic. The wind farm is equipped with 24 sets of SANY 2MW and 1 set of 1.5MW wind turbines, with a total installed capacity of 49.5MW and a total construction investment of 500 million yuan. During the construction period of the project, a total of 30.03 hectares of grass seeds were sown, 1.5 hectares of turf were planted, 3.6 hectares of grass were sowed on the ground using galvanized steel wire netting and non-net spraying technology, and a total of 333,000 trees and shrubs were planted. The land management area is 49.88 hectares.